How to Layer Necklaces Without Tangling? | Complete Guide

Layering in fashion is not constrained to only clothes, you can also stack/layer your jewelry if you wish. Layering necklaces is one of our favorite trends when it comes to fashion and we are more than ecstatic to know about its revival. You may think of this trend as one of the easiest to follow and we would agree with you, to some extent. There is absolutely no denying that layered necklaces around your neck give you a bit of extra confidence and make you feel like you are on top of your fashion game. However, layering necklaces comes with its own set of problems. The most common problem is that the chains tend to get tangled with each other, which is never any fun. To find out how to layer necklaces without tangling, here at Bixler we put together the best tips out there just for you!

#1 Tip for Layering Necklaces: Long & Short

When you are layering your necklaces, it is important to choose chains that are different lengths. When you put on that short & long necklace combo, not only will you look great but you’ll also avoid the two chains getting tangled. You can also wear more than 2 necklaces, there are no hard rules when it comes to layering necklaces. It’s possible that you may not have necklaces in different lengths, but don’t worry, you can simply get necklace extenders from a nearby jewelry store to change their lengths with ease. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid getting your necklaces tangled with each other.

#2 Tip for Layering Necklaces Without Tangling – Different Weights

Just like lengths, you can always mix chains and pendants of different weights. Wear a lightweight chain and layer it with a heavy chain or a chain that has a heavy pendant or charm. The different weights of the chains will make sure that each chain stays in its place and does not get tangled with the other.

#3 – Necklace Detangler

The most convenient way to keep the necklaces in place is to use a necklace detangler. You just have to buy these and then link your chains to its clasps and voila! your necklaces will stay in their place as the detangler will keep each chain distant from the other, thus, keeping the chains from getting tangled. The necklace detangler comes in a variety of styles, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. If going to a jewelry store is too much of a chore for you, you can also easily get one online!

#4 – Mixing Chains

Another very useful tip is to use different chains when layering the necklaces. By different chains, we mean chains made from different materials or in different styles. For example, one could be a snake chain, one box, and the other could be a beaded chain or even a rope chain. When you wear different types of chains, it is most likely they will not get tangled with the other due to their different textures.

#5 – Make Use of Your Thicker Chains

Thinner chains are most likely to get mangled and tangled with each other. But that is no reason to be disappointed, this just gives you the opportunity to experiment with the ‘chunky’ necklaces that you have. Layer them up and you won’t be disappointed. Use your thick chains or even the pearl necklaces that you own to put together a stunning look and avoid tangling at the same time.

#6 – Follow the Most Basic Layering Rule

The most basic yet important rule when it comes to how to layer necklaces without tangling is to put them on in the “right order”. It is not always correct to start layering with the shortest necklace first but it is always better if you start by wearing the thinnest chain first. This way, the chain will not get tangled with the other thicker necklaces.

#7 – Space Them Out

The more space between each necklace, the better it is. Having space between each chain will automatically make it impossible for the chains to get tangled with each other. We would suggest you to either use a necklaces spacer or longer chains to make sure each one stays far away from the other. This could also be done if you mix chains of different lengths.

#8 – Keep Them Tight

The tighter the chains of your necklaces the less chance they will have to get tangled. For this reason, you can always go with a wrap-around necklace or choker. It would give you the look of layered necklaces and make you look cooler. You can also get a set of pre-layered necklaces already available at the jewelry store to save yourself from all the hassle of layering your own necklaces. The choice is yours!

These were the 8 Tips from America’s Oldest jeweler on How to Layer Necklaces Without Tangling!