What Does Gold Plated Mean When It Comes to Jewelry?

Metals such as gold, silver, and platinum have been used to make exquisite jewelry pieces for ages. Fashion trends keep on changing with every popular metal trend in the market. Undoubtedly, Gold is a hot-selling jewelry metal but many other metals such as platinum and silver are also becoming more and more desirable. Furthermore, Gold-Tone jewelry has also gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time.

What Does Gold-Tone Mean?

Gold-tone jewelry has so little gold that it can’t be measured in Karats. Therefore, a gold plated accessory has no real gold but just has the color of gold that makes it look like the real thing. The price of this type of jewelry is usually low, making it available for everyone to wear. In addition, the coating on this type of jewelry often gets worn off quickly, causing a loss of color and shine.

According to many experts, gold-tone jewelry may cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals. Those who are sensitive to certain metals such as nickel need to avoid gold plated jewelry pieces.

Most of us usually confuse gold plated jewelry with gold-tone jewelry. Those two are not the same; Gold plated jewelry has a very little yet genuine coating of gold, only 20 millionths of an inch thick. On the other hand, gold-tone suggests that there is only the color of gold with no actual gold content.

Does Gold-Tone Metal Tarnish?

Yes, it definitely does!

Unlike real gold, the gold-tone metal gets tarnished much easier over time. The term “tarnish” denotes a layer of corrosion that forms over some metals as time passes. Although gold-tone jewelry pieces are timeless if cared for properly, they might start to look pale otherwise. As a result of that, the discoloration of the jewelry piece can make it look rusty and unappealing. Even high-quality finishes can be discolored if exposed to certain elements. There are various reasons behind that, including excessive moisture and excessive touching.

Some Tips You Can Follow to Keep Your Jewelry Looking Good:
  • If you are getting rashes from wearing a particular gold-tone piece, take it to the jeweler and get it cleaned.
  • To avoid a chemical reaction on your skin, take off your jewelry before you take a dip in the water.
  • Avoid wearing these pieces in the scorching heat.
  • Sweat can cause discoloration, so remember to take off your jewelry when you are at the gym.

How Long Does Gold-Tone Jewelry Last?

As far as the longevity of these pieces is concerned, a lot depends on how it was made and most importantly, how it is maintained. To ensure your jewelry keeps its shine, buy from a reputable jeweler and afterward maintain it regularly. Not all jewelry made from the same metal is the same; Some may take days to get tarnished while others may not get fade over many years. The only thing that’s certain is that gold-toned jewelry looks classic and timeless.